Thursday, September 03, 2015


I had tried all possible means to succeed in life but to
no avail. One day I decided to visit a prophet. The
prophet promised to deliver me but I had to pay
15,000 Naira. I went and borrowed the money from
my uncle. The next day, I handed over the 15,000
Naira to the prophet. After series of speaking in
tongues, The prophet said, "Young man, your
mother-in-law is a witch and she is the cause of your
problems. Surprised, I replied, "Ahhhh! But I'm not
married." After another round of speaking in
tongues, The prophet said, "Error, error, you did not
pull your shoes outside." I went outside and pulled
my shoes. The prophet asked, "But do you have a
step-mother?". I replied, "Yes". After the third round
of speaking in tongues, he said, "Yes, yes, yes! Your
step-mother covered your destiny inside a pot and
hid it under her bed. Go home and break the pot!". I
got angry and pulled off my shirt. "Wait, wait, wait!
What is that for?" The prophet asked. Angrily, I
replied, "Give me back my 15,000 Naira or else two of
us will die here". The prophet retorted, "Meaning?" I
replied, "Because my step-mother died before my
father married my mother".
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