Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Europe waking up to the beauty of bamboo

If you still have a dream of living in a forest, this building named Flower Tower in Paris may help realize your dream.

Bamboo has long been seen as part of traditional Asian architecture,but now more bamboo elements have been incorporated by European and American designers into their architecture and interior design.

This 10-story residential block, designed by a French architect and urban planner Edouard François, was decorated with 380 pots of dense bamboo plants. Although they look precariously placed, they are in fact all integral to the block. Each pot of bamboo is sprinkled by an automatic watering system which uses recycled rain water.

When asked about the motivation of designing such an ecological building, Edouard François told the Mail Online Travel that he aimed to give residents the impression of sleeping in a tree.
The bamboo plant was selected for the noise created when the leaves rustle in windy days, but the inhabitants enjoy the rustling and the light filtered by the foliage, according to a spokesperson of Flower Tower.

While European designers maybe just waking up to the beauty of bamboo, it has long been a staple of Chinese and Asian construction being used for everything from scaffolding to building bridges. But while it is seen as an inexpensive building material in Asia, it was said that the French block cost 4,000,000 Euros (around 4,400,000 US dollars).

(Photos from Alamy Stock Photo via Daily Mail.)

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