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Things Buhari must do before December – Ikokwu

FOLLOWING the mixed views that heralded President
Muhammadu Buhari's 100 days in office, Second
Republic politician and elder statesman, Chief Guy
Ikokwu, has advised the president to ensure that he
leaves unarguable landmarks within the next three

Nigerians were clearly divided on the achievements
or failures of President Buhari after 100 days in
office. Ikokwu said in six months, Buhari must be
seen to have addressed a number of issues, he
considered to be non-negotiable
Apart from charting an economic agenda and
direction he suggested to be known as
Nigerianomics, Ikokwu said insecurity and corruption
must be fought headlong with discernible results.

And the president must get his cabinet in place and
avoiding discredited politicians and allies who
dominated the political firmament in the last 30

Major issues

He said: ''The president himself has highlighted two
major issues: insecurity and corruption. It looks as if
it is taking more time than anticipated. The Nigerian
public are watching to see if the president as a
General can combat the issue of insecurity and
terrorism between now and December, 2015.

''Most Nigerians believe that since insecurity is a
national issue, it must include other zones. No zone
on its own can tackle the issue of insecurity and
terrorism, which he said are urgent matters.

''The canker-worm of corruption is not something
that can be cured within 100 days but at the moment,
the president has made the issue of accountability
his watchword in the sense that all the areas of
leakages in the public sector have to be plugged. This
has to involve the civil service, trade unions and
professional organisations across the country.

Credible ministers, cabinet

The only clue one can gather at the moment even in
the face of non-application of the federal character
principle in the appointments made by the president,
is he has distanced himself a little bit from the
previous public officials and political juggernauts and
godfathers, who have been in all political parties
since 1990, whether they belong to the peoples
Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Congress
(APC) or any other party or the military as the
situation may be.

President Buhari should not encumber himself and
his administration with the excess baggage of public
officers, godfathers, cronies and perverted politicians
and retired devious military administrators of the
past era of 30 years. Most of them are still alive,
unrepentant and very much implicated in our
nation's loss of over $300 billion causing us such
squalor, poverty, ineptitude, illiteracy and ill-health.''

Diversification of the economy, fiscal federalism
Ikokwu continued: ''Although, he has sounded a note
that there is need to diversify the economy and we
know these cannot be done in 100 days, most
Nigerians believe that within this years, the principle
of true federalism and decentralisation of the Federal
Government will be in accordance with the desire
and expositions of our founding fathers like Dr
Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Sir
Ahmadu Bello.

During this period, the economy was diversified and
it was not dependent on oil and Nigeria
developmental stride was more than 9 per cent per
annum, which means, it is only through true
decentralisation and true federalism that we can
have better education, healthcare, infrastructure and

''The legislature (National Assembly and states
assembly) must begin now and by December
restructure the country to fiscal federalism. Since the
reports of the 2014 National Conference and
constitutional amendment of the National Assembly
are now on the table of the National Assembly, it is
not a question of starting afresh. The materials are
already there.

Economic blueprint: Nigerianomics

''There is no reason all the zones should not be
united to ensure that Buhari succeeds. The president
should set up a committee that should give the whole
country Nigerianomics so that all Nigerians will know
where the country is headed.

There should be true federalism, accountability and
probity instead of this military system. It was the
military that led us astray because our traditions and
cultures do not encourage dictatorial situations. We
are waiting for Buhari to change Nigeria, 100 days
may be too short but they can show the direction.
Between now December something must begin to

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