Sunday, September 06, 2015

Your Claims are Total Rubbish--Okotie fires back at Emeke Ike

On thursday,Nollywood actor blamed Pastor Chris Okotie for frustrating all his efforts at reconciling with his estranged wife of 15 years..In an official statement, Emeka Ike claimed the pastor hired a lawyer for his wife ..Responding to his claims,Okotie told Daily Trust through a media advisor that Emeka Ike's claims were so baseless that he could not justify them in a simple comment.

"There is nothing to what he is saying. It is total rubbish. What is he saying? Why would a pastor be interested in his domestic issue?Will he say he wants to marry the woman?What kind of man will lay such claims on the internet? Why is it that anytime any of them have issues, they always want to drag Okotie in?"Responding to the outburst will only make this guy feel important.Well, this pastor can't dignify him with any,"

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