Monday, November 30, 2015

Chinese restaurant fights nation’s growing divorce rate

Exchanging diamond rings or solemn vows is considered to be enough of a marriage promise among most Chinese newly-weds to live together forever. But in the face of an increasing national divorce rate one restaurant in Chengdu has decided grooms and brides need to go one extra step.

A restaurant, which regularly holds weddings, has put forward a new requirement that newly-weds who want to hold their wedding there have to sign a "marriage promise".

In the marriage promise, couples have to swear not to divorce and are asked to sign their names on a "vow wall" which can be witnessed by guests participating in the wedding.

Facing the request from the restaurant, some newly-weds have thought it to be a little embarrassing to even mention divorce and have this included on their wedding day but they still sign the vow wall. The manager of the restaurant says that marriage in China needs this kind of promise.

In China, the national divorce rate in 2014 increased to 2.67%, compared to 1.59% in 2007, according to the Social Service Development Statistical Bulletin released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Since the story went viral, thousands of netizens have been abuzz with it on the social media.

"Signing this is in vain. Will the restaurant manager see if they are divorced in the future?" said @Jiabao.

"Before asking couples to sign the promise, the manager has to ensure his restaurant doestn't go bankrupt," joked @eleven.

"This restaurant is right. At least the restaurant considers the couples," said @Yueshi.

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