Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Controversy after female officials dress up to “promote tourism”

A group of female government officials in Jinhua city, in east China's Zhejiang Province are in the middle of some controversy after they posed for some artistic photos in a village, while claiming to "promote tourism".

Photos taken on Sunday show the women, wearing exquisite cheongsams and high-heel shoes, posing in front of some representative antique-style scenery in Pinggu village of Jinhua city.

According to chinanews.cn, the event is aimed at promoting tourism for the village, as well as enriching the female officials' "spare time life".

Many Chinese netizens, however, didn't seem to accept the special promotion, and criticized the Jinhua government as being lavish and impractical.

"They should use the money and energy of taking photos to do something practical for the people," remarked Weibo user @Tangyuanlianniuer.

"I want to ask whose money they spent on the dresses and the trip?" @Xiaoxiaokedou.

However, some people stood on the government's side, saying it's a creative way for the officials to promote tourism by appearing on camera themselves.

"If it's some officials from foreign countries that took photos to promote tourism, I guess people would be happy about their creativeness," commented @Nanansikao, suggesting netizens take a fairer perspective to their own government.

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