Monday, November 23, 2015

Girl rescued 27 years ago finds her fireman to say ‘thank you’

As a three-month-old baby, Ms Sun was rescued by a fireman after a fire broke out in her apartment building in Shanghai. Now, 27 years later, Sun managed to find that fireman to thank him.

A photo taken on Saturday shows the touching reunion between Sun and her hero, Lu Yuming, who has now become a policeman.

Back in November 1988, when Sun's family was trapped on the roof with other residents after a big fire took hold of the old building they lived in, it was Lu who reached the family first and climbed down the ladder holding the baby.

"I asked the mother to climb down the ladder first, and I followed, holding her baby," Lu recollected the moment to The Paper, explaining that he made the decision due to safety concerns.

For the past 27 seven years, Sun's family told the story of the fire and recalled the bravery of the fireman every time they had a gathering, Sun told The Paper. She said her family has tried to find the fireman before, but were never successful.

But after the terrible Tianjin blasts made headlines in August, Sun made up her mind to find him. Nearly 100 firefighters were reported to have sacrificed their lives in the deadly blasts, and their spirit eventually prompted Sun's decision.

After making loads of calls, Sun finally tracked down the fireman who saved her life 27 years ago.

"We exchanged phone numbers, and can keep in touch in the future. I call him 'Uncle Lu'," said Sun.

Lu said he had forgotten about saving Sun until she reminded him, because, "it is a fireman's responsibility to save people." However, he felt delighted to see the girl he saved has grown up healthy and still remembered him.

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