Friday, November 20, 2015

How To Transfer/Share Internet Data Bundle (MB) on Etisalat

Did you have data (mb) on your Etisalat sim and you want to share it to another Etisalat sim card? If yes then follow the simple way to easily share or transfer your internet data bundles from one sim to another on the same internet service provider which in this case is the Etisalat network.

Just follow the procedure below to transfer data between
etisalat lines.

Dial *299*Recipient's Phone Number*Data amount*PIN#

For Example you want to share 50MB bundle with
08090000000, all you need to do is dial *229*08090000000*50*0000#; And you are done with data transfer.

Note "0000" PIN is the default Etisalat data share PIN if
you haven't change yours before you can use it too or you
replace the value with your PIN if you have previously
changed it.

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