Monday, December 28, 2015

The Value Of Reading

If a parent is able to read this means they can teach their children. Children who are able to read have an advantage over those who cannot for a number of reasons. It can improve a child's overall opportunities, it can mean they achieve better results at school and it can give the children more confidence in the language they are learning to read in.

Firstly, a child's overall opportunities will be greatly
improved if their parents can read and transfer this
skill to their children. When children are older they
will be far more employable given this skill. They will
be able to have better careers. This is because
reading is such a valuable skill that is needed for a
huge variety of jobs. The ability to read benefits all
children, no matter what they will do when they grow

Secondly, the children will be able to achieve better
results if they can read at school. Children who can
read can excel in their academic work because they
will be able to speak more fluently as they will have
acquired a better vocabulary through reading.
Achievements in education mean better life
opportunities- the children can go on to do anything
they desire if they have achieved good grades in their

Thirdly, the children will feel more confident if they
can read. Children will be able to converse easily and
feel more confident in making new friends,
approaching others, and using their language skills.
This directly comes from having a parent that can
read and is willing to help their children practice.
This practice is essential to becoming confident in a
language and therefore it is very important for a child
that a parent can read.

Finally, it is important for the parent to be able to
read because then they are able to read together with
their children. The parent and child can then share
the enjoyment of the story they have read. Both the
parent and children can become immersed in an
interesting story and discuss their favourite
characters and what they like about the stories. This
means that if a parent can read they can encourage
their children to enjoy reading. Perhaps most
importantly, if a parent teaches their children to read
it will mean they are acting as a role model for their
children. The parent is showing the children that
practicing to read makes you better and that anyone
is able to read if they practice.

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