Sunday, December 13, 2015

This dog can guard packages for the delivery man (PHOTOS)

Yin shares a special bond with his pet Naonao. His dog not only remains by his side at home but also accompanies him to work. As Yin, who is a deliveryman for a local magazine-dispatching company, is busy dropping off packages, Naonao guards his master's bike and other delivery items.

The scene was captured on Saturday as the dog fended Yin's electric motorbike and barked at strangers trying to make a pass. But as soon as Yin came into sight, Naonao stopped barking.

Yin said Naonao has been living with him for eight years and has established a close bond with his family. He trained his dog to prevent any theft while he was on duty delivering the magazines. The two have now become good work partners.


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