Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Alleged Armed Robbers Attacked By Vigilante Mob

Three armed robbers were battered bloody by members of the public in Lagos today.

An armed mobbed swarmed over the alleged thieves at Fadeyi bus stop in Lagos state.
The angry vigilantes then proceeded to attack the unfortunate hoodlums with everything they could muster to hand, hitting and tearing at the alleged criminals.

As you can see from the pictures below, the mob attack victims were left sprawled on the kerbside covered in blood, with at least one of the young men passed out, probably from going into shock and blood loss.

His companion can also be seen to have suffered a messy wound to his left eye, it is not clear whether he has lost his sight.

They were accused by the vigilante mob of attacking and robbing a young woman, however it is currently unknown whether the three alleged robbers have been charged with any criminal offences by the police.

Vigilante attacks are common in Nigeria, but it is always recommended that citizens follow the law and report miscreants and hoodlums to the police, instead of taking bloody justice into their own hands.

These pictures are graphic in nature.

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