Thursday, January 14, 2016

Difference Between A Britsh Facebook & Nigerian Facebook Post & Comments .........LWKMd

ANGELA GRANT: – I love my husband so much and I
can do anything to please him. But I have recently
been finding myself attracted to his younger brother,
what should I do folks?

William Hale: I think you need to talk to your husband about it because marriage is all about communication.
Vanessa Drinkwater: Oh dear! I have been in your shoes before. I had to wake up and face the fact that I am married.
Tracy Bamby: Awwwww love….Get yourself a nice cuppa tea… it'll sooth away that burning ache you feel for his brother…oh and don't forget to watch Oprah later…*huggz hun*


RAMAOTU IDEMUDIA: I live with my husband and
two daughters…anytime my brother in-law comes to
visit, I feel the urge to be with him instead. I need
advice please.

Titilayo Kurukere: Ashawo !…no wonder you can't even give the poor man a son…so so daughters *mtcheew*
Damilola Gbadamosi : Oloshi leleyi, your brother in-
law ke
Amaka Ede: You are v disgrace to your family and all
women. JEZEBEL!
Bornboy The Bigboy: You are just too cute. I love u, my BB pin is 22AA22BBC…please add me so that I can take care of you when my containers arrive from high and low seas…bebi leave ya husband lemme show you the life!
Mohamadu Bello: This is all Buhari's fault Ekaite Akpan: @ Mohamadu, YOU ARE MAD…IT IS JONATHAN's FAULT…YOU HE-GOAT! In fact, I don't even know why I am toking to you sef…..ILLITERATE!
Mr Smith (Confused Briton on the friends list): Huh? Suffering And Smiling Student: Has ASUU strike been called off?
Prophet Touch Not My Anointed: The bible says in 'fallopian' chapter 2 verse tatee…thou shall not look at ya husband's brothers with lust. Repent my sister.

Aminu Megida: May Allah forgive u
Aishatu Yaya: It's not ya fault….shey, is the man that decided to put ring on ya finger….there are plenty good women around but he decided to choose you… useless ojukokoro.
Adebiyi Ojo: Abeg, is anyone coming to London?….I need someone to bring me some crayfish, its urgent.
Captain Morufu Ikechukwu-Hassan: Auction!! Auction!
Auction! Customs impounded vehicles @ reasonable
prices. Inbox me for more details.
Patrick Obahiagbon: The enormity of this crinkun crankun will bring about Armageddonrial end to the fiscal polistikum edificacy of the I do…. I don't of the marriage.

AbleMoJah® Nigeria.

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