Thursday, January 14, 2016

If Your Wife is Beautiful and into Any of These Professions, You are Sharing Her with Her Boss

Air Hostesses
Most air hostesses who are married actively cheat or try to cheat on their spouses. They are likely to have multiple guys they see in different places knowing that they are presented to a stressful lifestyle and a lonely one, prone to a lot of drinking on layovers. One story was told about an airline company that had to abolish a vacation affair for it’s staff as they took it as an excuse to host sensual parties that would usually turn into orgies.
They not only hook up with pilots, but also passengers they meet on the flights just the way random women at bars and hotels do. It is true that pilots aren’t their bosses neither are the random guys they meet, but they hit on each other pretty openly. During their overnight stay in different cities they have random hook-ups and one night stands with pilots and possibly random people. In fact those times they go to rest either in their motel or hotel  are usually like Roman orgy as they all like to drink and have s ex, a lot. So tell me that exceptional woman who will stand out for her husband in such scenario.
Police Officers
In police profession, cheating seems to be the norm, having in mind that Police officers are somehow dishonest and unreliable. Male bosses can come across so many females …cute little vulnerable ones caught up in domestic situations and the like.There are many chances to strike up a relationship with any of those females. Plus your spouse’s promotion to a very great degree depends on her superiors and they can either withhold or give it. And of course you know what will be considered highly for the said promotion to be released. In fact same qualities possessed by athletes, entertainers and politicians that might make them more susceptible to affairs are found in police officers, and might make them susceptible as well. 
A soldier woman comes and goes from multiple long deployments to some random bush outposts for training, drills, etc. Some armed force bosses who are posted to the same destination along with them feel like it’s their duty to get laid as much as possible in the zone.
As a matter of fact, all the long time they spend away from home possibly in the bush, makes the least desirable soldier man look like the most handsome of all. Also, most time, their superior determines whether or not they get promoted or get posted to the deadliest zones. So married soldier women are simply drawn to these married men or single bosses to satisfy the urge they miss so much for being away from home or to get better postings.
Secretaries/ Receptionists
Also, in hiring a secretary sometimes a pleasant demeanor and attractive women are usually desirable. I don’t know if any of you has had an experience with a rude and proud Secretary and receptionists who no matter their ill manners seems indispensable and irremovable. Why do you think many politicians are involved in a sex scandal with their receptionists or secretaries?
personal Assistance
Personal Assistants
If your wife works directly under the principal then you should know that odds are you are sharing her with her boss. She will be prone to play out with long nights. Those late nights which the creates perfect ground for cheating.
Also, another platform is official trips as her boss could insist on taking her on official trips and official events, after all officially she ought to be present in some of those trips. Just overlook it, except she quits her job, your wife is for you and her boss.
Chefs and Waitresses
This job creates opportunities for more extramarital  infidelity between senior chefs, waitresses and junior chefs. Also, they are likely to have multiple guys they see in different places. Random rich, regular customers that come for either one night stand, or continuous hit because the atmosphere provides one for naughty fun.
Many horrific stories are often circulated concerning sexy and beautiful TV anchors and the secret, tricky, or immoral supporting work done behind the screen to get higher pay or central news slots.
Could it be true? Certainly. However, these assertion might not be supported by any fact, but truth is; it happens a lot.

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  1. OMG! So which profession will a woman do and her hubby will not share her with her Boss?

    Alabekee's Blog

    1. there other reasonable jobs.............but for the above mention, they are not for married women


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