Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Photo Story: The Plight Of IDPs In Maiduguri


One great problem which insurgency within the northeast has created for Nigeria is the displacement of residents within the region.


The International Organization for Migration (IMO) puts the figure of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at over 2 million as of September, 2015

With many people concentrated in one camp, life at most IDP camps, especially those in Maiduguri,  have become a case of living at the jaws of death.

According to Comrade Dogo Shettima, the state is dead infrastructural wise, especially lacking in education, portable water, unemployment & environmental hazard,lack of good roads.
Shettima, a concerned resident of the state, said the health situations of the IDPs are very pathetic, adding that the lack has lead to an alarming increase in death rate.

In an interview with, the comrade said most of the displaced persons had nothing to eat, he stressed that there had not been any government intervention besides gathering them to camp. Below are some scenes from the IDP camps visited.

IDP 11
Girl with babies at an IDP camp in Maidugury.
A displaced lady and her baby at an IDP camp in Maiduguri
Children at the IDP camp in Maiduguri
Baby goes tough ordeal at the IDP camp in Maiduguri
Idp 6
Water is a problem for the IDPs
The children within the camps in Maiduguri need not just the help of the government but of the good people of Nigeria
Proper medical care is missing in most of the IDP camps in Miduguri.
Shelter is a problem for the teeming numbers of displaced people.
shettima 15
Comrade Dogo Shettima and some children at an IDP camp in maiduguri.
shettima 14
Clothing given to some of the displaced children at the IDP camp Maiduguri.
 shettima 12
 shettima 11
shettima 10shettima 9
some relief materials shared at the idp camp
 shettima 8

shettima 7
Comrade Shettima helping out in sharing certain relief materials
shettima 6
shettima 5
shettima 4
shettima 3
shettima 2
 Shettima 1

 Shettima who helps out in his little way to assist in sharing few relief materials to the IDPs, urged the government and other concerned Nigerians to come to the rescue of the displaced people in Borno state, especially there in Maiduguri.

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