Sunday, January 31, 2016

So SAD....................,Mother and her 7 children perish in fire

It was a day of grief in Ohufu village of Ogboji community in Ishielu local government area of Ebonyi state when a mother and her 7 children were burnt to death as a result of a fire accident on Saturday, January 30.
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It was learnt that the accident occurred due to an unexplainable fire that caught 2 thatched-roof houses at about 3 am while the woman and her children were deep asleep.

The mother of seven who was caught in the inferno tried first to save one of her children before the fire killed her. It was just her elderly husband named Sylvanus Nefuru that miraculously survived the fire outbreak.

The 80-year old Sylvanus Nefuru lost all his 7 children to the inferno.

The real cause of the fire outbreak has not been known as at the time the news filtered in.

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