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Stupid Questions Men Ask Women Durng S£x

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You might think you’re pretty open and accessible, but you’d be shocked at what men usually ask during sex that you rarely take note.
Men sometimes ask too many questions that you get confused about what exactly he wants in sex with you. here are the most common questions men ask during sex with their partners.

1. Do you like it?

I find this question very funny. If she does not like you, she will never have sex with you.

2. Did I hurt you?

Women hide their feelings in their actions. They give codes, its your job to decode.

3. Are you enjoying it?
This is a question most guys ask. If asked and you don’t want to lie, just smile and moan louder. He’ll get the message.

4. What’s your best sex position?

Every sexually active person has a favorite position. If you don’t know yours then you are not sexually active enough. Your spouse knows your favorite position so he doesn’t need to ask. A toaster you don’t like asks and your answer should be “I don’t have one” but if you like him then you can tell him the truth.

5. What’s your weak point?

Every lady has a major arousal spot. That place on her body that if anyone touches very well, she’ll loose her senses. That’s what he’s asking for. If you cannot figure it out yourself then go to bed.

6. Have you cum?

Every sexually active girl on earth has once being asked this question. If you haven’t cum, not to hurt his ego, don’t say no, just say “I am almost there”. Let’s hope you finally get there but if you don’t, keep saying you are almost there until everyone gets tired.

7. Who’s your daddy?

Like seriously! who is your daddy, this seem like the dumbest question to ask because her daddy is definitely in his house chilling.

8. Am I sweet?
This is a weird question as no man is perceived as candy or chocolate.

9. Did you enjoy it?

in my own opinion you enjoy food or ice cream. If you can satisfy your woman, you should be rest assured that she enjoyed it.

10. Do you want more?

You do not need to ask, she will ask for more if you are up to the task

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