Saturday, February 06, 2016

Controversy surrounds pigs traveling with farmer on the same train

There was quite an online stir as photos of pigs traveling on passenger trains went viral. In the pictures, the pigs crowded together with passengers in the narrow aisles of the old-fashioned train, and many doubted whether this was in compliance with transportation regulations.

However, public opinion changed after the photographer, Ma Jian, explained on Friday that the pigs belonged to a farmer from a deep valley in Daliangshan, Sichuan Province, one of the 14 poorest areas in China. The farmer was taking his pigs to the market to sell them, and his family was counting on the money. Taking them on the train was the only viable option for the poor villager, otherwise he would have to walk in the mountains for three days to get to his destination. Although regulations forbid carrying animals on the train, the attendant made an exception for the farmer. The photographer called for understanding for the farmer, and praised the train attendant for her kindness.

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