Wednesday, February 03, 2016


The most painful negative aspect of marriage is when your spouse begins to cheat on you. Our contemporary research has revealed that men cheat more than women in Africa. In the southeastern part of Nigeria, there are part where women no longer seeing their husbands cheating on them as a crime against the marriage vow. However, cheating is evil and a thing to condemn. Any man that cheats on his wife does not have peace. For the fact that a lot of people have died, others contracted Hiv/aids and all kinds of diseases as a result of cheating. When you cheat on your innocent wife, you meet someone whom you may have the time to run test on then jump on her.

Then, you went home again and give it to your wife.. God will punish you for such evil. Let's me ask us.. Is anything different from among women as regards to sex or love making? That feelings you have for other women why not package your wife to that level. Some people send thousands on strange women while their legally married wife suffering in the house. It is evil. Any man that cheats on his wife is equal to boko Haram insurgent.. You will know a cheater starting from the relationship level... before marriage. He that cheats on you during courtship and relationship can still cheat on you in marriage.

What do you think?

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