Monday, February 01, 2016

Obiano’s N7 Million tears Agulu Apart

Mr Ben Obi ,A.K.A Mbuze Agulu ,also known as Igwe APGA is about to face the wrath of AGULU community ,including the PG and members of state Exco over his usurping the duties and functions of the PG and withholding the 7 million Naira ,which is the balance of the Money Governor Obiano donated to the Town.

Last week when Gov Obiano visited Agulu in the wake of currying favor for Umeh and against peter Obi ,the Governor Pledged to the town the sum of 10 million naira which he later made available to Mbuze instead of the PG of the Town who constitution empowered to keep the assets and inventory of the Town .

Since the Fund were handed over to Mbuze ,he made the Town and PG to explain every kobo they demanded because he leave them with a clause that ,He won,t be giving them the money ,but will be releasing to them bits of it when they draw list of what to buy toward the repairs of the Burnt market which made the Governor to set out the sum of money in the first instance .

After Mbuze released total sum of 3 million naira ,he stopped and refused to give out more money ,saying that he will hold unto the balance in case Victor Umeh fail in Agulu Re-Run ,He will accuse them of not voting and therefore will be entitle to keep the balance of 7 Million .

The Town Executive and the PG are not finding the affront funny ,they are contemplating making out some punishment to him ,as the meeting they invited him within the week at AGULU ,he refused to honor it and he boasted that he is bigger than AGULU calling him for a meeting .

What we do not know is ,can AGULU as a town bow to Mbuze or Mbuze will bow to Agulu or can 7 million Naira be enough to make Agulu lose face and respect ?

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