Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sperm Facts That You Didn't Know About !!

Here is list of male sperm facts.

1. High Rate of Abnormality:

Over 90% of an ejaculation contains abnormal sperm. Although this doesn't matter as just one of the million is required for fertilization.

2. Sperm Machine:

Although there is a large amount that leaves from time to time, studies show that healthy and strong sperm takes over 2 months to develop.

3. The Attack Helmet:

The head of a sperm is topped with acrosome, this chemical helps break down the external surface of the egg and enter.

4. One is Still Two:

Its ok if you don't have one testicle, one is as good as two. It doesn't actually change your potency level.

5. Y Chromosome:

The Y chromosome is directly inherited from your father. Every other chromosome is a fusion of the mother and father but the Y stays the same through generations sometimes.

6. Forever Fertile:

Women have a fixed number of eggs and run out by the time they are 50 but men can father a son for as long as they are alive.

7. Immune And Safe:

Sperm cells could be attacked by our own immune system, but that doesn't happen because they have a external layer of cells that prevents this damage.

8. Mode Of Transport:

Sperm cells actually only transport the DNA that is required to create an offspring, they are not exactly what helps.

9. Keep It Cool:

For sake of the sperm the testicles have to be around 7 degrees cooler than the normal body temperature.

10: Population:

Although every ejaculation may only be around half a teaspoon, it contains 200 million sperms.


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