Thursday, September 03, 2015

Nigerian Jokes

In class one day, the Teacher Mr Alinco pulled Ofego over to his desk after a test, and said, "Ofego I have a feeling that you have been cheating on your tests." Ofego was astounded and asked Mr Alinco to prove it.
"Well, said Mr Alinco, I was looking over your test script and the question was, 'Who was Nigeria's first president?', and the little girl that sits next to you, Nnenna, put 'Nnamdi Azikiwe,' and so did you." "Everyone knows that he was the first president na." Ofego said. "Well, just wait a minute," Mr Alinco said. "The next question was, 'Who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria?' Nnenna put Mary Slessor and so did you." Ofego said, ''I read the Nigerian history book last night and I remembered that". "Wait, wait," said Mr Alinco. The next question was, 'Who was the president of Nigeria during the 'Ghana Must Go' period?' Nnenna put 'I don't know,' and you put, 'I don't know too'.
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