Thursday, September 03, 2015

S*X is not LOVE

Is love SE*X!!!!

What is the difference between se*x and love making?

1. You make love to your wife. While you have se*x with a girl friend or a prostitute, hence the term PRE-MARITAL SE*X.

2. Se*x is self centered, wanting to satisfy self. But love making is mutual and the satisfaction of your spouse is primary.

3. Se*x is just the use of the se*x organs but love making is the use of the whole body.

4. Se*x does not depict love but love making is love.

5. Se*x is for pleasure, love making is for expression.

6. Se*x is short, love making is long.

7. Se*x is without romance, love making is romance packed.

8. Se*x is taking, love making is sharing.

9. The pain of a person during se*x gives the other person pleasure but in love making it is not so.

10. Se*x may be bad but love making is true.

11. Eyes are closed during love making. Eyes are opened during se*x. Love making blends couples because they are doing the right thing.

Many have been deceived that a guy loves them because he had se*x with them. A guy can only love you and make true love to you after marrying you.

So even in this valentine season show love, don't allow a person who is not your husband have sleep with you.

AbleMoJah® Nigeria.

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