Friday, September 11, 2015

UNICAL Prof suspended over alleged rape of student

CALABAR—The Dean, Faculty of Law, University of
Calabar, Prof. Cyril Ndifon, accused of sexually
assaulting a 20-year-old 400-level student in his office
was yesterday suspended by the panel instituted by Professor Ndifon, who is the first professor of Law
from Cross River State, was briefly arrested and
detained by the police and later released on
Wednesday before he was suspended yesterday
evening by the panel set up to investigate him.

The professor was accused by mother of the victim,
Mrs. Irene Akpan, in a letter sent to the university,
alleging that the incident happened between 3 and
5pm on August 29 at the dean's private office on the
top floor of the faculty building.

According to the lady, Professor Ndifon forcibly had
sex with her daughter after a fierce struggle. The
school authorities confirmed receipt of complaints
from the victim, while the police also affirmed it but
was quick to add that the matter was undergoing
thorough investigation.

Narrating her daughter's ordeal, Mrs Akpan
explained that the dean had set a one-hour test for
the students on that Saturday, assigning two
lecturers to carry out the supervision.

She alleged that 20 minutes to the end of allotted
time, Ndifon entered the hall and ordered the
students to stop writing.

She said while the students were preparing to submit
their answer sheets, Ndifon approached her
daughter, tore her answer sheet and left the shreds
on the seat.

Mrs. Akpan said: "He walked straight to my
daughter's desk, collected the script and tore it. He
left the torn script on her seat, so the girl collected
the pieces and put them in her bag. According to her,
you will still have to pass through the faculty before
leaving the building.

"She said as they were leaving, the dean accosted her
again and asked if she still had the shredded script,
she said yes. He instructed her to follow him to the
general dean's office to recopy the answers on
another plain sheet, which she did."

"The unsuspecting girl followed him to the general
office where two people were, including the dean's
secretary. The office of the dean is on the first floor
of the building, according to my daughter.

"She said while writing in that office, the dean who
had earlier gone out, came in again and instructed
her to follow him to his private office on the second
floor so that she could comfortably use the table."

The victim's mother said five minutes after getting to
his private office, the dean locked the door,
concealed the key and started making advances,
adding that they struggled but Ndifon subdued her
and had sex with the girl.

She said her daughter was later taken to Airport
Police Station, along IBB Way in Calabar, where she
gave statement and also had medical examinations at
the police clinic.

The Public Relations Officer of the university, Mr.
Effiong Eyo, said the institution was seriously looking
into the matter.

"A panel has been set up to look into the matter. The
authorities are looking seriously into it," Eyo said.
Also, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr.
Hogan Bassey, said the command was investigating
the case.

He said: "The case of rape or sexual assault requires
discreet investigation and we have to handle it with

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