Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wow! See what this teen did to a toddler inside an illegal nursery

Police in South Carolina, USA, are investigating a
house that functioned as an 'illegal' nursery after a
photo showing a 15-year-old toes inside a seven-
month-old's mouth surfaced on social media.

According to ABC13, the photo, which originally
appeared on Snapchat, was passed around social
media and was reportedly taken at the home where
the child was being cared for.

The police and Department of Social Services are
looking into the home that was operating as childcare
service. Police did not say whether the teen was
working at the house or was related to the owners of
the home but they added that she is not related to
the child.

They also noted that the 15-year-old isn't facing any

"Somebody should be apologising, and there should
be something done about it," Bridgette Dawkins, a
friend of the baby's mother told ABC 13. "It don't
need to be pushed under the rug; she needs to be
punished." she added.

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