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List of all Mtn Bis Blackberry Subscription Codes

All MTN Blackberry Subscription Plan And Activation Codes

I'll share Mtn BB subscription codes.............

Below are all the codes for MTN Blackberry plan subscription. Please note that as of the time of this post, all the plans and codes for the subscriptions are working but that do not rule out the possible changes of any MTN Blackberry plans and codes,time have also proven that MTN Blackberry plan prices changes. The price changes from time to time which can either be an increase of decrease as they seems fit (MTN Nigeria).

Please also note that some MTN Blackberry plans are unlimited with fair usage policy which some are data caped, please do well to note the data allocation as it will help you to know the limit of your subscription and to know how to use or maybe 'manage' your data.

I could have formatted this post in a tubular for an easy understanding but it will end up confusing the mobile phone users since tables are always messed up in mobile devices, however, I will format the post in a simple divisions style and it will have the following Plan Name, Allocated Date (the data allowance), Validity (Validity Period), Subscription Code. Please note that the subscription code should be an sms message to be sent to their BlackBerry dedicated line – 21600

MTN Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Plans:

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>Plan – BBM Daily Data – 5Mb Validity – 24 hours (1day).
Cost – ₦25
Subscription code – BBMD to 21600

>Plan – BBM Weekly Data – 25Mb Validity – 7 Days.
Cost – ₦100
Subscription Code – BBMW to 21600

>Plan – BBM Monthly Data – 100Mb Validity – 30 Days
Cost – ₦350
Subscription Code – BBMM to 21600

Blackberry OS Plans ( Blackberry Operating System Plans): This plans are made for Blackberry Operating Systems alone (ie. specifically for Blackberry Phones).

>Plan – Blackberry Absolute Plans BB Daily Data-Unlimited with Fair Usage Policy
Validity – 24 hours (1day).
Cost – ₦120 Code
Subscription Code - BBDAY to 21600 ……….

>Plan - BB Weekly Data – Unlimited with MTN fair usage policy
Validity – 7 days.
Cost – ₦599 Code.
Subscription Code – BBWEEK to 21600 ……….

>Plan - BB Monthly Data – Unlimited with MTN fair usage policy
Validity – 30 days.
Cost – ₦1500 code.
Subscription Code – BIS to 21600

>Plan – Blackberry Complete Plans BBC Day Data-Unlimited with MTN fair usage policy
Validity – 24 Hours (1day).
Cost – ₦100 Code.
Subscription Code – BBCDAY to 21600 ……….

>Plan - BBC Week Data – Unlimited with MTN fair usage Policy
Validity – 7 days
Cost – ₦499 Code.
Subscription Code – BBCWEEK to 21600 ……….

>Plan - BBC Month Data – Unlimited with MTN fair usage policy
Validity – 30 days
Cost – ₦1000 Code
Subscription Code– BBC to 21600

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