Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pay Your GOtv/DStv Within 5min Right Inside Your Bedroom

Do you know that today you can conveniently pay almost
all your bills at the comfort of your home with so much ease. God bless the inventors of techs..

Would u believe that I was just outside this evening, chilling with some of ma homie's, having good time when my mum called with so much anger in her voice, that why
didn't I pay the DSTV bill. Mehnn see gbege, but trust me, all I could do was lie and tell her that I've paid the bills already. So I told her to give me some sec lemme call the costumer care, could u believe that in less than 6min she
called again, that it seems to be a network problem and
was even apologizing. Haha, I just laugh for my mind,
knowing that it was all my fault.

How did I do it, no magic really. The answer is Quickteller, God bless bless the owner of that site for saving ma ass this evening.

All u need is just follow the below steps and u are good to

Requirements and steps:

>A smart phone, Tablet or PC

>Internet connection on your device

>for GOtv click here:

>for DStv click here:

>after visiting any of the above quickteller link you will see "select a payment option" tap on it.

>select your option and ok, it will take you to a menu, just fill in the requirements and tap on continue.

>After that it will bring u to the payment page where you
are required to use either VERVE, VISA or MASTER CARD

>After payment leave your Tv on, chill, sip a coke and give it one or two minute you will see Iheanacho scoring
that super goal that u almost missed.

God knows I hate queuing, waiting for the next turn.

NOTE: you will be charge #100 naira convenient fee, I know if you are staying in Lagos you wouldn't mind paying #200 bcos hmm.. make I no talk too much sha.

Just enjoy the package.

AbleMoJah® Nigeria.

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