Wednesday, December 16, 2015


All those who have completed their programmes and have been cleared for convocation are to sign for and receive academic gowns and guest invitation cards from their Study Centres. The accompanying hoods are to be collected from the University's Headquarters in Lagos .

They are required to present the following for sighting at the points of collection of the items:

i) evidence of the payment of a fee of N10,000.00 for the use of Academic gowns payable at SkyeBank (account number: withheld).

ii) evidence of payment of alumni fees (N5,000.00) payable at Skye Bank; (account
number: withheld)

iii) evidence of payment for Regularisation of Admission fee (N6,000)

iv) Duly completed clearance form

The sum of five thousand (N5,000.00) Naira will be refunded on the return of the Academic gowns and hoods..


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