Monday, December 28, 2015

Inside the dorm of a true Chinese “Xue Ba”

China is a country so abundant with hard working-students that people even created a word for them – Xue Ba, which literally means "academic overlord", serving as the most up-to-date expression to describe a high-achieving student in China.

People who are qualified as "Xue Ba" are not only top students; they also tend to always display a passion for knowledge and aspirations to excel among others, which inevitably become their most prominent label.

The Xue Ba we are going to introduce today has an amazing love for books. Li Shibai, a college student from Yunnan Normal University, filled up his dorm with over 5,000 books that he has acquired in his possession.

Not only is he proud of piling up a library of his own, Li also boasts that the money he used to buy all these books were from scholarships and part-time working.

However netizens were not all impressed by his ostentatious displaying of "knowledge". "Why didn't he buy a Kindle instead?" asked one user.

Another user named @yayanni, who claimed to be Li's schoolmate, defended Li by saying his talent is well-recognized across the school.

Some others have provided a more insightful look. "If he really has 5,000 books, let's say he can finish two books a day. So it would eventually take him 2,500 days to read, which is about 7 years. So I wonder did he actually touch all the books," @Universtar said in doubt.

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