Monday, December 28, 2015

What do the Chinese order for takeout?

The "Chinese takeout" is famous across the world and Chinese food is the most popular cuisine in America for takeout food. But what do the Chinese themselves order when they want to eat at home?

A recent study covering several of the most widely used food ordering apps in China sought to answer just that question. The report done by China's most widely used meal ordering services, Baidu Waimai, Baidu Nuomi,, as well as the news agency Xinhua, collected information from 11 Central Business Districts (the commercial and business center of a city) from 11 of China's largest cities.

The report confirmed Chinese people's love affair with spicy food, as foods considered spicy were definitely the most popular. The report revealed a total of 25% of orders made in Shanghai's Central Business District (CBD) is for spicy Sichuan food, where Kung Pao Chicken is from, and another 40% of the same group also makes sure to order hotpot that is often eaten with hot sauce.

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