Wednesday, December 02, 2015

NCC Moves Against Unsolicited SMS & Illegal Data Charges by Telco’s

This is what I've been praying for instead of some unscrupulous element invading and bombarding my privacy with unsolicited SMS that is capable of sending one early into 2016.

I know you are tired of MTN, Airtel, Glo and their younger brother Etisalat sending you unsolicited SMS every morning. The most annoying aspect now is that one yeyecious number from MTN, Airtel and Glo now calls me every morning and night. Cheiiii!, This madness must stop.

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) in a bit to
coordinate the activities of Telco's in Nigeria yesterday said they are taking steps to develop a regulation that will deal with unsolicited text messages and illegal data charges by Telco's.

This is going to be a good move if they can do it on time
because the rate at which Airtel BIS charges "no be here
oooo", just as if they are sucking Hollandia Youghout
with your data. Now I can boldly say NCC is working.

AbleMoJah® Nigeria.

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