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Life doesn't seem to slow down. Most people's
weekdays are typically crammed with school,
work, extracurricular activities, cooking and
chores. When the weekend hits, most of us want
to unwind and have some fun.
The world is becoming more secular, and going
to church isn't as common as it used to be. Even
when we consider ourselves spiritual people,
religion and church sometimes fall down the list
of life's priorities.

Church provides so much. Here are just five
Benefits Of Attending Church

1. Church anchors us

Our kids are bombarded with technology,
materialism and questionable media messages.
In many families, religion and spirituality have
taken a backseat to life's distractions.
Setting aside a few hours each weekend to attend
church provides a much-needed balance. At
church, our children can grow closer to God,
learn morals and standards and be strengthened
spiritually. Church keeps us grounded.

2. We receive spiritual strength at church

Some people question the point of attending
church. They argue that they can visit the
outdoors and feel close to God in nature. Or,
maybe they feel that Sunday is strictly a stay-in-
bed, relax-with-the-family day.

While these can be good pursuits, attending
church gives us so much more. Singing hymns,
praying, participating in Communion or
sacrament service, listening to prepared lessons
or sermons, and worshiping with a
congregation uplifts and strengthens our spirits.

The spiritual strength we receive weekly at
church, as kids and adults, helps sustain us for
each week ahead.

A family day is a great idea, so why not attend
church as a family?

3. Church provides fellowship

Our associations with members of our
congregations are so strengthening. When life
throws challenges, it's nice to have a church
network to lean on. The encouragement and love
we receive through our churches truly enriches
our lives.

Many church members lend a hand in times of
need. They might provide meals, help with our
children and listening ears. We can enjoy new
friendships and fun church activities, as well.
Many churches also have youth groups that
involve our kids in a wholesome environment.
Our children can surround themselves with kids
that have standards and values similar to their

4. Church presents opportunities to serve

Jesus taught that we should bear one another's
burdens and love our neighbors as ourselves.

We often get so wrapped up in our own lives that
we miss opportunities to reach out to others.
Church congregations are like an extended
family. We're provided with many opportunities
to serve.

We can involve our kids in helping with church
activities, preparing and delivering meals to
those in need, helping to clean the church
building and doing whatever needs to be done
for fellow church members.
Service to others teaches our kids unselfishness,
compassion and how to dig in and work.

5. We get to know God

Of course, the ultimate prize in church worship is
growing closer to God. Learning about him, his
teachings and commandments helps us to
become better people. We feel his love and this
brings us happiness.

Jesus said, "For where two or three are gathered
together in my name, there am I in the midst of
them." (KJV Matthew 18:20)

Find a church that aligns with your beliefs and
values. Strengthen your children spiritually by
going to church. Add peace to your family's lives
through church worship

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